Public Life- Everyone's Business

15-17 Jun 2016, Philadelphia, United States

Gehl Institute’s inaugural gathering to explore and celebrate how cities encourage people to participate in public life.

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Jason Schupbach

Director of Design Programs
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Diana Lind

Managing Director
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Paul White

Executive Director
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Kimberly Driggins

Loeb Fellow 2016

sophia 873

Managing Director, Urban Designer
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Gehl Institute

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Skye Duncan

Director, Global Designing Cities Initiative
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Hunter Franks

Artistic Director
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Jeff Risom

Executive Director
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Tayyib Smith

Founder little giant creative, partner at Pipeline Workspaces
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Katherine DeSantis

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Gia Biagi

Urbanism + Civic Impact
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Margaret AP

Associate Principal
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Ethan Seltzer

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Dwayne Wharton

Director of External Affairs
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Anna Deans

Director of Development
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Jamie Bennett

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Prema Gupta

SVP, Navy Yard Planning & Real Estate Development

Julian Agyeman

Professor of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University
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Shin-pei Tsay

Deputy Executive Director, TransitCenter
Diana Lind

Diana Lind


Managing Director @PennFPRI. Former EIC & ED of @nextcityorg. That's a Jenny Holzer truism in the cover spot and I change it occasionally.

We will use Philadelphia's streets and spaces as a primary venue for our gathering. Carefully curated 8 person exploration teams will interact with recent urban interventions- learning what works well and what might benefit from fresh insight. Work sessions will offer a platform to formulate best practice and tools from these shared experiences. Finally, self-selecting workshops, generated by participants themselves, will be a chance to engage with the topics that matter most to you.


Open and Closing Stories (Keynotes) 
• 2-3 Keynote speakers focused around a certain theme/topic
• Session to last 45 minutes

• Pitch: 5 speakers, each present a 2 minute pitch successively
• Workshop: Attendants breakout into a longer, active session with the Pitch-maker to spend time as a group developing the ideas/concepts
• Drink: Socialize across workshop groups over a drink and snacks.
• Total session is 1.5 hours (15-45-30)

Urban Life Lab
• Groups of 7-8 are curated to mix areas of expertise
• The group travels to a public space in the area to tour, discuss, & brainstorm with local team.
• Local team (site manager, designer, program coordinator…) will give a tour of the site, present a ‘status report' of the challenges and successes, and facilitate a brainstorming session for the group
• Total session is 2 hours

Round Table Dialogue
• Tables of 7-8 are curated to group those working in similar areas of expertise
• The table is provided with prompts/questions and asked to discuss and document
• Total session is 1.5 hours 

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